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This is the moment her entire career has been leading to: Amy Winehouse checks into rehab. I wonder if she’ll implode upon herself now.

Apparently the definition of “pulling a Cage” ISN’T taking every terrible movie role offered to you. According to Kathleen Turner’s forthcoming memoir it should be defined as stealing Chihuahuas and driving under the influence. And now on behalf of his “young fans” he’s trying to clear his name by way of press release.

So that top video obviously has nothing to do with this video, right? You be the judge.

I’d rather not describe it here. I’ll just say that its Tim Harrington of Les Savvy Fav talking with Jesse Thorn in a clip they couldn’t broadcast on The Sound of Young America. It involves an idea Harrington has for how you could bake foods without an oven. And its disgusting. Click here if you want to hear it anyway.

Did you hear about how the Moldy Peaches were going to play on Conan but then Mr Mountain Goat himself emailed and told her not to be no scab? That’s pretty cool if you ask me. I bet Diablo Cody was really pressuring her to go on the show… you know that lady would scab out in a second!

I wonder how many emails Darnielle sent to Ingrid Michaelson, Pink, Bell X1, Bettye Lavette, Louis XIV, Sia, Marah, Kate Nash and Doyle and Debbie…

Do you remember when this map was on LOST? Well, I still have no idea what most of it means so what good is it to me? I’d much rather look at this super-awesome amazing Google map of every geographic reference on LOST. Man, I love living in the future! [via]

Not actually Kenyans...

This report on The World was very interesting to me. Apparently ever since the violence in Kenya flared up, the most valuable good is pre-paid cell phone cards. I guess Kenyans use their cell phones not only for communicating, but also for things like wiring money for everyday transactions. The problem now is that no one has monthly cell phone usage plans- they just buy pre-paid cards as they need them. However, now the stores and kiosks that sell the phone cards are closed due to the violence and they’re really hard to come by. Charities have even begun distributing the phone cards which recipients then use to buy food and other essentials.

I know he’s required to ride the CTA, but I could help but feel a bit excited that I rode the Brown line with Ron Huberman last night. The whole time he was talking CTA long-term planning with a guy that seemed to be a reporter. I must say I was impressed with his optimism and practical knowledge of the mechanics of the trains. Maybe he’s not just a former Daley lacky…

Hi, all. This is the first cheap shot I’ve posted to this here blog, and I’m real excited. There’s an outside chance you remember me from such blogs as this one on religion or this one on the alternative press.

Anyway: If you’ve driven a car in Lyons in the last couple years–that’s Lyons, France, not Lyons (pronounced “Lions”), Wisconsin, where I went to grade school–you probably noticed some pretty unusual road signs.

If someone were to start a similar project in the States, I’d suggest they include a road sign with a picture of a tightly packed herd of political journalists chasing a candidate’s surrogate as s/he says ragingly stupid things. How about you?

Via the Street.

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